Monday, 3 December 2012

Does the word u say mean what it actually means?

since after an outing i have clearly seen that what had change just in a year~
i keep asking myself, "have i regret?"
i cant answer myself.
from a big smile of seeing them until a silent of calling it a day.

remembering that my ex-boss a.k.a ex-tutor, she advise me to think properly before i gave up sixth form and started my college.
she says that "are u sure u want to study there(my college)? once u give up on sixth form, u might lost ur friendship because the subject u take is different from them, different school, different environment. u will not have common things to talk about."
 i told her confidently that, "i'm sure. i'm sure that i wont lost the friendship and i believe that they wont too."
but now seems like there's some changes.. or a lot.
they might not know.
but i can feel that everything had change.

i share the incident with one of my friend which i can only trust by now. she advised me and told me that, "ur future is more important. don't regret."

but whenever is see the word. i start to think but i just tell myself don't be sad. because even though I'm sad, no one will know. haha..

 I'm thinking of drawing a perfect ending for our friendship.
should i?
in the year when I'm 18?
a memorable year?
 i don't know.

Don't say to me the word when u don't really mean that.

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